About Us

We are all about Out of the Ordinary Vehicles of any type that are unique but not ridiculous or gaudy. We appreciate well assembled, well kept, Vehicles. That we Fantasize over ………..

When we see these great Rides we must put them to a Fantasy setting, Enhancing the Vehicle to the point of a Dream state at times. This seems to make the owners of these vehicles Very Happy. So we started this as a courtesy to most in doing these graphics. But now with new Digital printing techniques, these are printed on Aluminized Vinyl, then mounting these to 3/16” Hardboard for a long lasting permanent setting.

We will make just about any type of combined Graphic, Show board, Plaques, Vinyl Appliques; all printed on long life vinyl and aluminized vinyl. We also do only digital graphics and files and send them at low cost over the net.

We offer a number of different sizes and combinations to our boards and Plaques, from 8.5” X 11” Plaques all the way up to 24” X 36” Show boards. Prices are always with shipping included.

So for any Questions or pricing please feel free to contact us at [email protected]

Thanks ….  Jim and the T’s